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A big part of what we do for our clients is problem solving. Our creative team has the in-depth industry knowledge and all the skills and expertise needed to solve even the trickiest of retail display dilemmas.

Bespoke Approach

There isn’t a one size fits all approach at Lighthouse, every challenge is unique and we treat it as such, aiming to go above and beyond to exceed our client expectations at every stage. We use a creative approach throughout our business, right from the spark of a new idea through to the practicalities and logistics of getting products into stores, as well as helping to manage them once they are there.

Hanging Marmite tub strip

3D render of the Marmite tub strip

We don’t just create things that look good on paper, we can also create 3D digital models, finished prototypes and turn ideas into a reality, quickly and efficiently using the latest software and available technologies. With a wide range of in-house skills including structural engineering, illustration, photo retouching, photography, 3D design and modelling as well as animation, video and sound editing, we have everything on hand to bring new ideas to life.

The Process

We start with creating a brief, asking lots of questions to assess the challenge, fully understand the objectives and work together to find the best solution. This might include a look back through our huge back catalogue of designs for one that already fits the brief, or for a little help or inspiration, and reviewing the appropriate materials to suit the project. We have worked with some major UK brands creating Bespoke POS Display Products including Wilko.

We may do a rough sketch to communicate initial ideas, which would be checked over by our structural team to agree options that will ensure the idea is manufacturable and uses the most appropriate design for assembly, whether for prefill or flatpack. Then we may create a 3D render to help everyone visualise the final product.

We can work with artwork supplied to our product guidelines or our team are very experienced in working within brand guidelines to create campaign ready artwork for you.

Concept sketch of a Rizzla dual level table top display unit

It’s important to us to design out waste at every opportunity, and to ensure our designs create impact while being both practical and robust, so this would be a priority at every stage of product development.

Before final production, building a prototype can help to iron out any potential manufacturing issues and often works wonders when selling an idea to the wider team. We can provide blank or fully printed prototypes at any stage, or a retail ready pack to present to retailers. We are experts at producing Bespoke POS Display Products.

Bespoke POS Display Products

Polo display shelkf extender

Check and check again

scorpion strips production check

Our quest for perfection can be seen in our attention to detail on every project. Our teams work together to ensure rigorous checks at every stage so we can see very quickly how successful a concept will be, adjusting where we need to and ultimately increasing everyone’s confidence in the end result. This dedication, along with our passion for doing a good job, is how we make our clients happy.

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