Cross Merchandising

Published: 3rd August 2022

Cross merchandising is where complimentary products are grouped together which can be beneficial to customers, retailers and brand owners alike. Sometimes known as ‘secondary product placement’ this technique is tried and tested and used by all types of retailers from grocers right through to independent retail stores. 

Cross merchandising helps the consumer by introducing interesting impulse lines and links, plus saving them time and energy browsing the whole store for complementary products. It also helps the retailer gain additional basket sales, as well as sales for the brand owners, while putting their product in the hands of consumers, and potentially helps them to gain market share.

The most cost effective and powerful cross-merchandising tool is the clipstrip, which allows clip stripped products to be cross merchandised alongside in-category shelved product. 

Grocery stores are among the best examples of retailers that regularly use clipstrips and other point of sale items to cross-merchandise. For example, can openers next to tins, snacks in the beers wines and spirits aisle, nail polish remover and cotton pads showcased next to nail polish or paper straws in the soft drinks aisle. Some of the most successful cross merchandising is where items from different categories in store can be merchandised together.

When executed well, cross-merchandising can increase the shopping experience; highlighting products they might normally overlook, and can therefore increase customer loyalty.

Lighthouse Display are cross-merchandising experts, working closely with brand owners and retailers for over 25 years.

As the original pioneer of the Clip Strip, our expertise and experience in this particular field of POS is second to none, spanning over 25 years creating a large back catalogue of designs and intellectual property. We are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of clip strips and as such we have set the market standards, are the custodians of many retailer clip strip guidelines and help support brand owners and retailers with challenges relating to compliance. 

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