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Lighthouse Display was founded on its ability to produce market leading Hanging Displays – Creators and copyright owners of the world renowned ‘Clip Strip’.

Our expertise and experience in this particular field of POS is second to none with over 25 years of operation being owed to these products.

Hanging displays allow retailers and brands alike the opportunity of more space within a store when that space is at a premium. Providing space where there was none before really will help you to sell more!


So what is Cross Merchandising and how do you increase Impulse Sales? The secret lies in merchandising adjacencies! Take a can opener and hang it in front of tinned goods –like baked beans… you see it and remember that your can opener is broken and you need a new one! An impulse sale is created through this disruption!

Ice cube bags and bendy straws are normally merchandised in the disposable table or partyware section, often on the lowest shelf where no one sees them. However, place them in the drinks section of stores at eye level using either our J Hooks, Clipstrips, Totems, Power Panels or other devices and see the sales increase dramatically.

We are helping brands and retailers to achieve more sales but without using any additional and expensive shelf space. Often we work with clients to identify additional space that is not being used and develop specialised items to unlock that white space and create sales of a relevant product.

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