Cheesies Scorpion Strip and Promoheader


Cheesies UK contacted us after seeing our colourmatched Scorpion Strip solution, for Lily’s Kitchen, on our website. They required a solution for their Cheesies snack product, a Clipstrip format that was robust enough that it could be restocked many times over and could provide as much branding as possible, because the solution would be displayed behind the bar in pubs, therefore at a distance from the pub-goer consumer.


The proposed Scorpion Strip, is a semi-permanent solution allowing product to be restocked. Made from Polypropylene (PP) the unit is strong and fully recyclable.

The design allows product to either be hung via its 12 hooks or to be clipped via the 12 ‘peg’ style clips. As the Cheesies packs have an integral Euroslot within the packaging they could be hung simply via the hooks.

Our Scorpion Strip Promoheader was also recommended to promote strong, bold branding ensuring clarity for consumers, particularly as it is viewed at some distance, hanging behind the bar in a pub. The visual element is critical in this pub environment as there is no direct physical interaction by the consumer; the pack is handed to them by the bartender. The branding also states ownership and reserves the space for the Cheesies product throughout the life of the initiative – sometimes empty unbranded units are filled with other brands so branding can help to prevent this.

Whilst both the Scorpion Strip and Promoheader, are made from PP they are manufactured via different processes, therefore separate pantone matches for both were generated. The Scorpion Strip PP was colourmatched initially to ensure the colour of the unit matched Cheesies brand guidelines turquoise, supplied as a RAL number. After our swatch submission was approved the Promoheader print was matched to the approved turquoise of the Scorpion Strip.


As you can see, the colourmatching process was worthwhile as it really helps the Cheesies brand stand out. The products were well received by the client and were used in many pubs.

We often need to colourmatch across complicated campaigns ensuring differing product formats and materials give consistent brand colours; from wobblers to clipstrips to CDUs and Floor stands.

Our Scorpion Strip is manufactured in the biggest of our three injection moulding machines at our site in Nottingham.

Cheesies scorpion strip POS hanging with product

The clipstrips are going down really well thank you - we've had many pubs take them in which is great.

— Head of Sales, Cheesies

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