Chupa Chups Presentation Box


Following the emerging trend for sour flavours in the confectionary market, the PVM Chupa Chups team wanted to create an engaging sample box to introduce their Sour Infernals brand to retail buyers. The box needed to be fun and quirky to immediately get across with the Sour Infernals brand character and should have a premium look and feel to create impact with retail buyers.

Chupa Chups presentation box on a table

Chupa Chups presentation box on a table open


The Lighthouse creative team came up with a concept for a unique triangular card presentation box, which quite literally popped! The design of the box was based on a high security unit, containing the wild flavours as inmates inside. The outer box was lifted to reveal the flavours inside, which fell open as the container was removed. Each of the flavours was given an inmate profile ID card which incorporated market facts to support the proposal to the buyers, who were encouraged to ‘free the flavour’.


The client was thrilled with the results. 50 units were produced which made a real impact with buyers and were hugely successful in paving the way for key listings of the Chupa Chups Sour Infernals range.

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