Claudia’s Kitchen Card Clipstrip

The Challenge:

Claudia’s Kitchen, contacted Lighthouse Display as they were particularly interested in having a plastic free solution such as one of our card clip strips for their unique product. Claudia has a brand which stands out and she wanted to ensure her products made the right impact in the marketplace too. We produced a small quantity to enable Claudia to get feedback and monitor the rate of sale.

The Solution:

The most suitable material for manufacturing clipstrips is Polypropylene (PP) due to its unique physical and sustainable properties, however we also offer a range of card clipstrips, which were a preferable solution for the Claudia’s Kitchen brand, whilst still retaining some of the key features we provide in our PP equivalent designs.

We selected one of our zigzag card clipstrip designs, suitable for preloading with a large integral header for branding. The clipstrip was tested with product samples, one loaded every other hook, 12 packs in total.

Using a strong card material ensured the product could travel safely through the whole supply chain on the clipstrip. We retained the Zigzag feature which allows the loaded clipstrip to be concertinaed into a small box ensuring less pallets, space and card are used. The card hook, designed to support the packs, ensures products can be easily displayed and shopped once in store. We also included a label holder for retailer pricing, which was specially designed to avoid tearing when the price label is inserted, and a reinforced hole for hook attachment.

Claudias Kitchen clipstrip header showing branding

Claudias Kitchen clipstrip header detail of product hanging

Claudias Kitchen clipstrip recycle

The Results:

The final printed card clipstrip looks great! Printing it in the Claudia’s Kitchen brand colours has added wow factor to accompany her product packaging.

The design of the clipstrip uses our Zigzag feature which helps to reduce costs for materials, storage and shipping through the supply chain process. This project shows that card clipstrips can be a great success using our knowledge and insight to ensure the design is suitable for the product and placement.

The colours stand out perfectly which complements the brand.

— Claudia Yap, Claudia’s Kitchen

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