ClipStrip Loading Machine


Consistent workflow in a factory is key for achieving target timings, costs and margins. Some customers found that loading products onto clipstrip, as a prefilled solution, was very challenging as not all staff had the dexterity required to load them quickly, efficiently and consistently. This meant timings, costs and therefore margins for packing the same job were inconsistent and unpredictable. There was also concern around staff suffering from repetitive strain injury (RSI). We offer a contract packing service to help clients load products onto strips faster, but some clients really needed a better solution to allow them to do it in a more productive, reliable and safer way themselves.


We developed the Clipstrip Loading Machine which has a foot pedal to control workflow, freeing both hands for product loading and relieving problems associated with RSI. The compact, tabletop machine can be used by less skilled or less dextrous staff and shortens the time it takes to load products onto clipstrips. The easy-to-use machine makes loading easier and more predictable, increasing productivity with one operator able to load 8000-12000 products in just 8 hours, subject to the product packaging format.

Line drawing of a Clipstrip loading machine

Photo of a Clipstrip loading machine sitting.


Our Clipstrip loading machines are loved by our customers, as they help them to load clipstrips more consistently and faster to get products into store quickly. One customer, who has used them for over 10 years, told us that their team added 2.4 million packets by hand last year. Another customer has actually named all their Clipstrip Loading Machines, as they have become such an important part of the team!

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