Connolly’s RED MILLS Floor Stand


Connolly’s RED MILLS asked us to come up with a better solution for displaying their Go Native Grain Free Dog Food. Their current PVC floor unit was cracking easily and the print was wearing off, so the unit itself began to look cheap and ineffective very quickly. They needed a more robust solution that would fit in with the premium look and feel of their brand.


To replace the failing PVC units, we designed a new unit made from PETG which has a more premium feel, is more robust and flexible and is also a more environmentally friendly material. The print was applied to the back of the PETG so it would be better protected from the wear and tear of a store environment and provide a longer lasting branded unit.


The new units are much better suited to the store environments and can easily withstand general wear and tear, which has helped to maintain their appearance and also better reflects the brand image.

Full view of Go Native semi pemanent floor stand

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