Coty Clipstrips


Coty produce premium products for the beauty market that they need to be able to present in high-end solutions for cross-merchandising alongside other related products, to create an uplift in impulse purchases. Some of their products, such as their nail varnishes, are packed in glass bottles which must be contained very securely on display solutions, to avoid any damage in store.


The execution of the graphics in combination with the innovative 3D design to accommodate the unusual packaging, means that clipstrips can be utilised for the beauty market without devaluing the brand. The display holds the packaging very securely to eliminate any concerns around the delicate glass bottles, while ensuring the customer can still easily shop the product.

Various options were also created for shipping the product inside the displays, including loops and pocket tabs to hold the products securely in position, as well as transit outers designed to hold the product upright in transit (required in the case of the nail varnishes).


The solution has been successfully rolled out to multiple retailers and the overall concept applied to some of the company’s other product ranges. The innovative displays are adapted with eye-catching branding to maximise promotional and seasonal campaign opportunities.

rimmel 60 seconds spooky shades hanging clipstrip point of sale

Sally Hansen insta-dri hanging clipstrip point of sale

Rimmel Wonder Extension hanging clipstrip point of sale

Max Factor Mascara hanging clipstrip point of sale

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