Edding CDU


Edding had an immediate opportunity in Wilkos for the current Christmas season! It was already October and they were looking for a card printed ‘shelf-ready’ counter display unit (CDU) solution that would be delivered in-store prefilled with their Window Chalk Pens for siting at till points.


When initially there are no product samples available our design team are able to work with the product dimensions and images from the internet to generate an initial sketch of the proposed solution.

Our proposal in this case had capacity for 30 pens; 3 rows of 10 products and included card inserts to keep the pen blister card packaging upright, so they stayed securely in place throughout the supply chain and when on display, in store.

With the go ahead and samples received the design was fine-tuned, and cutters developed and issued for the artwork to be generated.

As a manufacturer we add value to our customers by ensuring all our designs are not only manufacturable but that the design is optimised for material sizes, to help minimise waste, and we design to ensure our solutions can be assembled quickly and efficiently.

The CDU and inserts were designed to ensure the most quick and efficient construction of both parts of the unit, making the loading process as quick and cost effective as possible.

As well as designing and manufacturing the units our experienced Co-pack Team preloaded the CDU with the Window Chalk Pens so they could be delivered ‘retail ready’.


Despite being partway through the Christmas selling season, the initial order was very well received and resulted in a second pre-Christmas order during December – to fulfil very last minute Christmas requirements!