Face Visors


In March 2020, when COVID-19 had arrived in the UK and the initial nationwide lockdown began, we all had to react quickly to the changes around us as new requirements came into effect. The NHS, supermarkets and local businesses were under huge pressure and we wanted to do something to help. At the time there were problems with UK supplies of PPE, and because we had the materials and the expertise, we were able to produce items that could help, including our face visors.


Our face visors were UK designed, prototyped and manufactured on-site in our BRC quality accredited factory with a very fast turnaround. As a UK company we were able to easily control the processes and supply chain to move to bulk manufacturing and supply to meet the growing requests that we had for help.

A face on view of a woman wearing full face visor

A side view of a woman wearing full face visor


Our face visors helped care homes, retailers, food factory workers and also many NHS Trust Hospitals. It was a difficult time for everyone, but being able to manufacture the face visors along with other COVID related items, really helped to motivate our team as we felt like we really made a difference to our local community.

My Trust was experiencing great difficulties obtaining face guards / visors from NHS Supply Chain. We identified this local supplier, Lighthouse Display International and ordered some visors at a good price. At the same time, we also ordered visors from 2 other suppliers, which were not only more expensive but poorer quality. The visors from Lighthouse were much more robust. Our Exec Director of Nursing recommended that we use them after trialling. The delivery was very quick, (within 3 days for the initial order), and they were able to fulfil the total order quantity. We found these visors to be just right for our purposes, we are a Mental Health Trust and do lots of work with patients in the community.

— NHS Foundation Trust

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