Here We Flo Card Clipstrip


Here We Flo believes in creating products that are as natural as possible – kind to people and the planet. Their XO! condom range is made from sustainably-sourced natural latex from rubber trees, and is designed to be carbon-neutral, vegan and cruelty-free. The women-led company is working hard to eliminate plastic from its supply chain and asked us to create a plastic-free clipstrip for their condoms, for an opportunity in WH Smith. However, Here We Flo still wanted their unit to be robust enough to last and look good in-store, while highlighting their striking product branding and its features and benefits at a glance.


We’ve been pioneering sustainable solutions for over a decade, helping brands like Here We Flo to design out waste and use more environmentally friendly materials, including recyclable polypropylene (PP) and card.

Here we Flo wanted a card clipstrip and we recommended they use one of our zigzag card clipstrip designs, which is suitable for preloading with a large integral header for branding. This meant they could be plastic-free, while still retaining some of the key features we provide in our range of recyclable PP clipstrips. (PP is the most suitable material for manufacturing clipstrips due to its unique physical and sustainable properties).

Using a strong card material made sure Here We Flo’s condoms could travel safely through the whole supply chain on the clipstrip, dispelling their concerns about longevity. The zigzag feature allows the loaded clipstrip to be concertinaed into a small box, ensuring less pallets, space and card are used.

We also included a label holder for retailer pricing, which was specially designed to avoid tearing when the price label is inserted, and a reinforced hole for attaching a card hook, designed to support the packs and make them easily shoppable in-store. We tested the clipstrip with product samples – loading one pack every other hook, with six packs in total.


As you can see from the images, the final printed card clipstrip looks great, giving Here We Flo’s XO! condom range a strong presence in-store. Our zigzag feature helps reduce cost of materials, storage and shipping throughout the supply chain, helping Here We Flo to design out waste as well as eliminate plastic.

This project shows that card clipstrips can be a great success, combined with our knowledge and insight to ensure the design is right for your product and the placement.

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