Nestle 3D Highlighters


Nestle wanted to create product standout in the Cash & Carry environment which is always a challenge, due to the scale, format and choice on offer. Aisle fins often work well in this environment, positioning product at the end of gondola aisles, however they can’t be used in front of the fixture itself, where the purchase decision is often made and where many similar competitor products are situated.

We were asked to design a unit that would signpost down the aisle, as well as highlight products at the front of the fixture; acting as a disrupter and increasing the likelihood of an independent retailer choosing a Nestle product over competitor products.

Smarties product highlighter stuck on wall

Kitkat Crunchy product highlighter stuck on wall

Aero product highlighter stuck on wall


Using our 3D design skills and our expertise in materials we developed a specialist Cash & Carry highlighter. The printed unit is made up of complex cuts and creases which, when assembled, creates a POS format that grabs attention and highlights key product messages and benefits.

The units are easy to fit, slotting into the datastrip on the front of shelves, allowing them to be positioned directly above or below corresponding stock. For each subsequent campaign the structural design was tweaked in line with brand assets, allowing us to create a unique highlighter solution to work for each brand.

We have also created other smaller highlighters, which lend themselves to use in other retail outlets, outside the Cash & Carry arena.


The units successfully highlighted the new products to the independent retailer, thereby helping to secure sales for the new lines. Based on the highlighters effectiveness and popularity, the format became a staple for all new product introductions into Cash and Carry for Nestle confectionary.

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