Neutrogena Tubestrips


Neutrogena needed to simplify the way they hung their tube products. The existing set up used adhesive hangers which had to be applied to each tube in order to attach them to the hooks of their existing clipstrip solution. As well as the costs for the adhesive hangers, they also had the cost of the labour to apply them to each tube. And from a visual point of view, it often resulted in a messy display, as the tubes couldn’t hang in a uniform manner.

Some tubed products also have an ‘oily’ feel to them which could cause the adhesive hanger to fail. This resulted in complaints from retailers, which could jeopardise the retention of Neutrogena’s product listings.

Neutrogena tubestrip in use on shop shelves


The Lighthouse creative team proactively developed a new solution; our Tubestrip, and proposed this to the Neutrogena Team. The simplified design halved the cost of labour whilst also meeting requirements throughout the supply chain; from prefilled shipping to ensuring that the product is still easily shopped by the consumer in store. The new solution creates a more uniform product display with a premium look and feel, while eliminating the need for any surplus component. It also allows for greater product exposure while restoring the positive brand association of the products within stores.


When the change was made, data showed that sales through the new Tubestrip design represented more than 15% of sales in the accounts they were supplied to.