Rizla 2-in-1 CDU & Totem


Our brief was to design and develop a counter display unit (CDU) for Rizla packs which could be either hung or sit on the counter-top, wherever space allowed depending on the store.

Concept sketch of a Rizzla dual level table top display unit


Our initial concept was presented as a rough visual and included features such as an LED light to aid product standout and tie in with product branding, a detachable standing support so that the CDU could also be converted into a mini totem and two S-Hook holes at the top for hanging it up.

The design concept was approved and a 3D rendered image was created for the client to present the concept to the wider business and achieve buy-in from the stakeholders.
The 3D render did just that, and the design was put into production to create the final product as shown.


After a successful rollout of the unit to a smaller trial area of 40 stores, the units were then rolled out nationwide to 150 Spar stores.

3D render of Rizzla 2 in 1 Totem unit counter top and hanging

Finiahed Rizzla 2 in 1 Totem unit