Wilkinson Sword 4-in-1 Clipstrip


Wilkinson Sword needed a clipstrip solution that would suit 4 different ranges of razors;  Men’s Razors and Disposable Razors and Women’s Razor and Disposable Razors.
The challenge was that each of the razor ranges used different packaging formats including clam packs and flow wrap packs, so two different styles of clipstrips hooks were needed to enable them to attach the products. The client was keen to minimise complexity and asked us to develop one solution that would suit all 4 ranges.


A single clipstrips solution was developed to cleverly incorporate 2 styles of hook; a ‘clam hook’ for clam razor packaging formats and also the classic 3 prong hook for flow wrap disposable razor packs. In order to link in with the Men’s and Women’s branding, one side of the clipstrip was printed in black and white branding and the other was printed in pink and white branding.


This solution effectively created a 4-in-1 clipstrip solution that catered for all requirements and minimised complexity as requested by the client, so only one component needed to be kept in stock.

Full length view of 2 Clipstrips haning on a shelf

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