Wilko Polypropylene Dump Bins


To propose a unit which would provide a better return on investment than previous dump bins, it should be durable with a small enough foot print to gain high store compliance. The solution should also be flexible enough to use in different floor areas within the store.


We developed an extremely durable unit, designed around 1 sheet of Polypropylene to optimise the sheet and minimise waste. This durable unit could be restocked many times over. The footprint and overall size of the unit is small so it could be sited in store easily without becoming an obstruction to customers or shelved stock on display. The card inner section base is designed to make end of life material separation quick and easy. Both the card base and polypropylene outer unit are fully recyclable.


The units proved very popular and were used for specific campaigns as well as more generic options such as Summer, Health & Beauty, Back to School, Hidden Treasures and Hayfever. In total just under 12k units were purchased. Although the units are small, they provide plenty of branding area to ensure customers see the latest offers.
The success of the units also resulted in interest from other brands such as STAEDTLER.

Wilko red dump box for pens

Staedtler branded dump bin

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