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Mop Trays
Eye-catching, modular, flexible, organised. Everything your retail customer wants from your merchandising support!

Proven to increase sales

A full market review was undertaken prior to the design stage to make sure that our Shelf Trays fit on the majority of shelf configurations. The ingenious interlocking design ensures that multi-faced brands stay neatly organised and together for maximum impact. The front face is angled upwards for maximum visibility of your branding, leading to increased impact and sales even on lower shelves.

The fronts are also recessed for adhesive labels to promote your brand.

Available in 2 popular widths: Small is 142mm, Medium is 231mm, total depth 225mm (including label holder section) this gives 190mm product carrying section.

Available in a choice of materials to suit your budget - including premium high impact acrylic for a high end gloss look. This item is offered with a full service including: labelling, kitting and collation according to your precise requirements to make sure everything is retail ready to deliver results from day one.

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