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Lighthouse Display was founded on its ability to produce market leading hanging displays, which you can find on every high street. As the original pioneer of the world-renowned Clip Strip, our expertise and experience in this particular field of POS is second to none, spanning over 25 years creating a large back catalogue of designs and Intellectual Property. We are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of clip strips.

line drawings of a selection of clipstrip types

cross merchandising in a supermarket aisle

Cross Merchandising

Hanging displays give retailers and brands the opportunity to cross merchandise; creating additional purchase opportunities, such as paper straws hung in the drink aisle. You can also utilise different areas within a store, particularly when space is at a premium. Allowing products to be displayed out of category, provides new opportunities for products to grab attention where they may not have done so before. Helping you to increase sales.

Clip Strips – Endless Designs

Since the original clip strip launched to the UK market back in the 1992, we have developed nearly 1000 variations, all of which we keep in our back catalogue of designs for our customers to make use of. We never rest on our laurels though, and every project has its own requirements, so we’re continually evolving and developing the Clip Strip to meet our client and customer needs, driving sales for brands and retailers. We use a range of materials which we offer to suit your needs. We have created metal clip strips for retail and adhesive clip strips recently. We also have experience creating clip strips to suit common requirements such as being a pub crisp holder or a point of sales display solution.

Forme shelving endless designs

Shelf ready Zig Zag strip loading

Shelf Ready

Our ZigZag strip which concertina folds with products in place, neatly into boxes can vastly improve your supply chain efficiency, saving space for transport and storage, with products ready to hang straight from the box. Take a look at the information sheet below. We also offer a pre-loading/co-packing service if required.

Zig Zag Price Study 2021

Clip Strip Loading Machine

Quite simply, our specially designed semi-automatic Clip Strip Loading machine can help you to load your clipstrips faster! Shortening the time it takes to get your products in to store. It provides consistency, thereby increasing staff productivity. The compact machine has a foot pedal to control workflow, freeing both hands for product loading. With the Clip Strip Loading Machine, one person could load 8000 – 12000 products on to strips in one eight-hour shift, depending on the operator and the product. We have experience finding POS solutions for some of the UK’s biggest brands including Wilkinson Sword, Nestle & Mentos.

Lighthouse Clipstrip loading machine

Clip Strip Suppliers

Lighthouse Display has been a leading supplier of hanging displays, like the world-renowned Clip Strip for over 25 years. We offer expertise in this field through our large back catalogue and experience creating designs that can be found on every high street across England!

Clip Strip Projects


The clipstrips are going down really well thank you - we've had many pubs take them in which is great.

— Head of Sales, Cheesies

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Make the most of our in-house expertise

We are the original pioneers of the Clipstrip, along with many other bespoke solutions that have been designed specially to meet our client’s needs.

We have a huge back catalogue of designs to choose from or you can call on the talents of our creative team who have a wealth of knowledge to develop a solution that is tailored to you, and that will help your customers make the right choice.

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Why use clip strips in retail stores 

There are many reasons why you should think about using clip strips in retail stores not only are they there to presents merchandise to your customers there are many other uses:


One alternative function is to use them to educate your customers. Either about products you stock or your store. For example, let’s say that the shelf in question holds alcohol, you could consider placing clip strips to display steps to mixing the perfect cocktail drink next to it. 

Line drawing of a Clipstrip loading machine


To continue on from the above point, you can also use clip strips as a form of advertising in store. Although small clip strips can prove very effective when presented in the right way in terms of advertising. An example of this would be if a product was thinking of testing out a new flavour, the company could display a small notice or even create a pamphlet, which customers can take home or the actual product.

You could even include a discount as part of the promotion – two for the price of one or buy one of the new products and get 10% off for another. You can decide on the details. What’s important is that you take the product off the shelf and get it in front of your customers.

Cross merchandising

As customers don’t always have time to shop sound for products, cross- merchandising with clip strips can make a lot of sense. Used as a convenient reminder for your customers, enhancing their shopping experience. An example of this would be promoting seasoning packets on clip strips next to meat produce.  We offer a range of clip strips & card clip strips to do just this. 

This can also increase impulse buying, the simple fact is cross-merchandising encourages your customers to buy items they weren’t planning to when they first set foot in your store. But there is another fact to acknowledge: when placed strategically, a clip strip can encourage impulse buying.

So long as the merchandising strips are sturdy enough to hold whatever product you’ve placed on it, it’s worth attempting.

card clipstrips