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We have a huge back catalogue of designs to choose from or you can make use of our in-house experts to create something unique. Whether that be Card Clip Strips, Card Hang Tabs, Card 3D items, Card Floor Stands, Outer Cases or other card items.

At Lighthouse we use an extensive range of card materials for display applications, including display board, corrugate and specialist card materials such as Xanita Boards – we will match the project to the most suitable card material. A key criterion is the environmental credentials of the materials, and working with suppliers such as Antalis with their Green Star System™ helps us choose the right material with full understanding of their environmental credentials.

Card Clipstrips

Clip strips give retailers and brands the opportunity to cross merchandise; creating additional purchase opportunities – for example, paper straws hung in the drinks aisle. When shelf space is at a premium clip strips allow products to be displayed out of category, providing new opportunities for products which in turn increases sales.

Since the launch of the original clip strip in 1992, we have developed over 1000 variations. Every project has its own requirements, so thanks to our in-house design team and British manufacturing we’re continually evolving and developing the clip strip to meet different needs. One of those developments is the card clipstrip.

The card range includes our ZigZag strip feature, allowing the strip to concertina fold neatly in a box with products in place which has proven to improve supply chain efficiency. Take a look at our information sheet below for the ZigZag Case Study and have a look at our One-Stop Shop news item to see how we can help from design concept to delivery!

Clipstrip made out of kraft card

Card Hang Tabs

Hang tabs are extremely versatile, come in a variety of shapes and styles to suit many different purposes and can support weights of up to several hundred grams. All of our hang tabs are available as their own product or as a reinforcement option for your own packaging. They are available in a variety of formats from pads and sheets through to rolls for automatic application on high volume production lines. We can design something new, if required. We are one of the leading supplies of hang tabs in the UK.

3D Display Units

We have developed many 3D solutions for hanging displays and countertop displays using card, usually projects requiring a temporary solution. We have the skills to find the right solution for your product, that will also fit with retailer requirements, whether that is an existing design or one we can design bespoke to your requirements.

Free Standing Display Units (FSDUs)

We have a large library of units, including card FSDUs, to draw upon to meet your requirements or we can create a new design especially for your product. We will advise the best route, depending on the retailer and required longevity in store. FSDU’s allow your product to be positioned in high foot fall areas, placing your product to create maximum impact for your brand.

Outer cases

With our in-house capability of manufacturing boxes we can generate one offs for sampling and approvals as well as supplying full bulk orders. If you need a specialist transit solution, for example with inserts, we can advise and develop the perfect transit solution to keep your products secure as they move through the supply chain to arrive safely in store.

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View our Zigzag Case Study

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The colours stand out perfectly which complements the brand.

— Claudia Yap, Claudia’s Kitchen

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Rhys Bright - Graphic Designer

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We are the original pioneers of the Clipstrip, along with many other bespoke solutions that have been designed specially to meet our client’s needs.

We have a huge back catalogue of designs to choose from or you can call on the talents of our creative team who have a wealth of knowledge to develop a solution that is tailored to you, and that will help your customers make the right choice.

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