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Attention Grabbing

Point of sale (POS) aids are a key part of any in-store campaign and an eye catching, often cost-effective way of drawing attention to your brand and latest product offers. Sometimes subtle, sometimes bold and brash, these aids can really make a difference with the right placement in and around stores. We work closely with most major retailers to understand their changing requirements, so we can give you the right advice. POS comes in many different forms, and at Lighthouse we can point you in the right direction for the one that will work best for your brand. Here are a few types of POS that could….


A great way of saving money for fast moving campaigns. Rather than branding the whole clipstrip, a branded Promo header can be used with a plain unprinted clipstrip, which is often a more cost-effective solution for smaller volume orders. With unprinted clipstrips, all you need to do is replace the headers to update your message. A bespoke design can be easily profiled to fit with your brand.

Gaviscon Promoheader

Nestle shelf highlighter

Shelf highlighters

An amazing way of maximising your brands’ impact in confined shelf spaces. Usually made from lightweight, recyclable plastics for durability or strong card materials, each one is a unique design.

Aisle fins

Sit right in a shopper’s line of sight as they walk the aisles and offer a fair amount of space for graphics to demand the attention of passers-by. Where store guidelines allow, these can also be custom cut to really make them pop.

Aisle Fin Nutri Grain branded

Floor graphi branded crunchy nut

Floor graphics

Can add a tremendous level of impact to your campaign, and yet the shopper may not even realise they have seen them. Placement is key in leading shoppers directly to your offer and we can advise you on this.


Generally placed at eye level directly in front of your product on store shelves, making the offer quite literally jump off the shelf. Made to your exact requirements, from simple flat options to specially manufactured 3D designs.

Grow Gorgeous wobbler

Printed Point Of Sales Products – Designed to Suit You

As with every single item we produce at Lighthouse, all of our products can be adapted and re-designed to suit the needs and objectives of your brand campaign. We have a huge back catalogue of designs available to work from, and a skilled team who can bring new ideas to life. We have experience finding POS solutions for some of the UK’s biggest brands including Wilkinson Sword, Nestle & Mentos. We can offer a range of retail point of sale displays to suit your brands exact requirements.

When it comes to Printed Point of Sale Products we are one of the UK’s leading companies. We have vast experience designing, manufacturing & suppling Printed Point of Sale Products across the UK.

Chupa Chups presentation box on a table open

Printed Point of Sale Projects


For supply of Clipstrips you are best going direct to a company called Lighthouse Display, we work very closely with this company and can highly recommend them.


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Hang tabs For Shop Display

Make the most of our in-house expertise

We are the original pioneers of the Clipstrip, along with many other bespoke solutions that have been designed specially to meet our client’s needs.

We have a huge back catalogue of designs to choose from or you can call on the talents of our creative team who have a wealth of knowledge to develop a solution that is tailored to you, and that will help your customers make the right choice.

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