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Our in-house team have a huge wealth of knowledge to draw on for hanging different products and take a bespoke approach to each and every new challenge. We also go as far as saying that we can hang any shaped product (within retailer guidelines). The development of our huge number of Clip Strip designs into nearly 1000 different options is a testament to this. From the original Clip Strips, to clam strips, tub strips and tube strips we can hang products of different shapes and sizes with eye catching solutions that get results. Here are just a few of the design styles we have come up with so far.

Stun panels

These are essentially BIG clip strips! Double up, treble up or even quadruple the space available for your product, giving it pride of place to catch the casual shopper’s eye. We often design these items to fit in where other products can’t.

Stun panel empty

Bandolier strip with Aussie product

Bandolier Strips

Created for products where hanging them up never seemed like a viable option, such as cans and health and beauty items. Designs can vary greatly to accommodate different product sizes and weights, and that is where our design team can help.

Sachet Strips

An ingenious variation of the Clip Strip with a Patent across Europe and North America. These flexible use strips allow for hanging sachets and packets, using a slots system, when products don’t have the holes needed to hang using a regular clip strip.

Sachet strip with Rennie product

Scorpion strip with Lily's Kitchen product

Scorpion Strips

This hard-wearing, semi-permanent version of our faithful Clip Strip can be restocked many times over making it particularly appealing to campaigns for independents. It is designed to hang packets that don’t have integral holes or Euroslots in them, using a grip mechanism. The clever design also allows it to be pre-filled with products that do have holes in the packets. We are able to colour match the plastic to match your product branding and have developed a highly customisable header for brand messaging.

Here to Help

Take advantage of our huge back catalogue of designs or challenge us to hang something new, we’re here to help. We have experience finding POS solutions for some of the UK’s biggest brands including Wilkinson Sword, Nestle & Mentos. We are able to create clip strips in a range of materials including our environmentally friendly card clipstrips.

Specialist ClipStrips projects


Pat on the back to all at Lighthouse, the new display in the field...Looks magnificent!

— Food & Drink Client

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Make the most of our in-house expertise

We are the original pioneers of the Clipstrip, along with many other bespoke solutions that have been designed specially to meet our client’s needs.

We have a huge back catalogue of designs to choose from or you can call on the talents of our creative team who have a wealth of knowledge to develop a solution that is tailored to you, and that will help your customers make the right choice.

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