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Promoheaders are one of our most popular products and a great way of saving money should you have fast moving or ever-changing campaigns.

“Designed to give you options and save you money”

All you need for these to work is a stockpile of our standardised, unprinted clipstrips and the promoheaders themselves. This way rather than having a new clipstrips designed each time, all you need to do is replace the headers! You can see from the images on this page that they can be easily profiled to fit with your brand/product and campaign.

You get many more per sheet of material (in some cases it can be up to 30 to sheet whereas, with a printed clipstrip, it’s closer to 9).

Cheaper, adaptable, eco-friendly, reusable and inter-changeable… What more can we say?


examples of promoheaders


promohead explainer


lemon shaped header