The material issue – a global shortage of raw materials

Published: 27th July 2021

The world is currently facing a shortage of raw materials for a whole range of reasons, as countries slowly recover from the pandemic and grapple with additional challenges. From extreme weather events such as storms, to logistical issues affecting transport, including a shortage of shipping containers and drivers.

This has impacted material industries around the world, and the sectors that rely on those materials, from the construction industry to food manufacturers and retailers.

The British Plastics Federation reported recently how companies in the plastics sector, from polymer producers to recyclers, are working to minimise disruption in the plastics supply chain, but inevitably the impact of materials shortages is being felt. For example, polymer shortages are having a knock on effect on both the supply and price of materials like polypropylene.

Similarly, card is in short supply, especially with many brands looking to reduce their plastics footprint and consumers turning towards packaged products in the pandemic, such as takeaway food and drink.


What do the shortages mean for customers?

As a result of the shortages, we’ve seen inconsistent availability and material prices rise significantly over the last year.

We’ve done our best to weather the disruption and absorb the price rises on behalf of our customers, but we’re sure it will come as no surprise to brands and retailers, that we will need to increase our prices to reflect the current situation.

As always, we’ll be working closely with our customers to minimise the impact of any changes, from providing full details of price increases in advance, to helping brands and retailers benefit from innovative, cost-effective, material-saving solutions such as designing out waste.

Please get in touch if you have any questions or would like to discuss any materials-related issues with us.

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