Top tips for using Dolphins to increase your sales

Published: 2nd December 2021

Dolphins are a simple way to drive product sales in-store, but what exactly are they and what can you use them for?

Our Lighthouse Dolphins have been specially designed to attract shoppers walking from both ends of the aisle, enabling you to create high profile, cross-merchandising campaigns and supercharge your product sales.

Our Dolphins come with a double-sided attachment, which means you can hang two clipstrips per Dolphin, depending on the weight of your display. Helping you to reduce replenishment costs, as well as significantly boost sales.

Using Dolphins enables you to target related impulse purchases very specifically, driving sales of products such as homewares, that can be lost in their own fixture, and aren’t on high traffic destination aisles.

Our customers have told us that in high traffic stores, Dolphins can pay for themselves in just one day of installation!

The Lighthouse Dolphin – the mothership for your clipstrips

We design and manufacture our Dolphins in-house using injection moulding, at our UK-based manufacturing site in Nottingham. That means they can be customised to suit your specific campaign. From versatile attachment methods to fit most popular types of shelves used in supermarkets and non-food stores such as hardware, to flexible options for price labelling, promotions and branding – in almost any way you could wish for.

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Our latest injection moulding machine was delivered in September, giving us even more capacity to create the solutions you need.

Here are just some of the ways our versatile, easy-to-maintain Dolphins are helping both major retailers and brands increase their product sales:

  • Cross-merchandising – tap into the mindset of your customers and encourage impulse sales by placing related products close to each other. For example, can openers with tinned goods, paintbrushes with paint etc.
  • Seasonal promotions – for Christmas, Easter, Halloween etc.
  • Product testing – promote new products by giving them extra visibility.
  • Range enlargement – enable more products to be displayed off fixture, to increase your product range and variety in smaller stores.
  • Range changes – get ready for new products and quickly sell off deleted lines.
  • Overstock – prevent new product launches being stifled by selling through deleted lines fast, reducing the need for end of season sales, or returns.
  • One-off blitz activity – make the most of unexpected opportunities to promote relevant products.
  • New product launches – create instant visibility for your new products and maximise impact and awareness.
  • Tactical marketing, special promotions and spoiling tactics – the key is often as simple as ensuring a high traffic location or being near to a similar of competing product. If the competition has done a deal and blocked all available shelf space, our Dolphin helps you create your own space!
  • Create permanent shelf locations for your clipstrips – to provide order and discipline in-store.
  • Brand your dolphin – to give you brand ownership of your space.
  • Use the Dolphin additional fin – an additional feature that provides additional space for branding.

We’re here to help if you’d like to talk to us about using Dolphins in your next campaign.

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