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Published: 17th May 2021

A moulding machine in the lighthouse manufacturing process

How do you measure value beyond price?

Our POS and packaging solutions are designed and manufactured in the UK by our in-house team in Nottingham. But beyond the rhetoric around ‘buying British’ how does that really benefit our customers, both here and abroad?

Fast turnaround – from stock items through to bespoke solutions

We keep stock of our most popular items and if ordered before 12 noon, can despatch them for next day delivery. We also have a huge array of designs in our back catalogue, which can be manufactured from existing tooling quickly, in as fast as 3 working days. Even new, bespoke solutions can be turned around within 10 working days, from initial designs to full manufacture.

70% of our business is turned around within 10 working days or less, with a historic OTIF (on time in full) delivery record of 98%+.

That’s a huge advantage for brands and retailers adapting to a volatile and fast-moving retail environment and we’ve been able to help our customers react and respond quickly as things have changed throughout the pandemic.

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Quality control

Another key advantage for our customers is quality. We’re not waiting for products to arrive from overseas, so we can manage quality control throughout design and manufacture, as we go along. If we find any issues, they can be fixed then and there, on the spot, often at the concept stage. It also enables us to work collaboratively with our customers, not just at the conceptual and design phases of a project, but throughout the whole manufacturing process.

UK compliance

When it comes to our European and international customers, they can rely on our in-depth knowledge of UK supermarkets and retailers, to meet the complex and often stringent technical and commercial criteria for displaying and promoting their products in-store. There can be large fines for getting it wrong, with brands having to pay a percentage of retailers’ lost revenue if non-compliant products or campaigns have to be turned away at the door.

In that way, we’re not just a UK designer and manufacturer, we’re a UK specialist here to help you navigate the British retail sector. All our customers can trust us with getting their products into UK supermarkets and retailers, wherever they’re based.

Sustainability and social value

Sustainability has always been a key driver for brands and retailers opting to buy local, and as companies increasingly measure the social value of their procurement, it’s becoming more and more key. It’s not just about fewer air miles and lowering your carbon footprint. Working with a UK based designer and manufacture also means you’re supporting the local economy and communities, and can benefit from our commitment to designing out waste and using recycled and fully recyclable materials.

Now more than ever, it’s time to make sure you’re getting the maximum value from your investment in packaging and promotion, and exploring the opportunities it presents for your brand.

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