What’s the answer to supply chain disruption?

Published: 6th November 2021

Switching from FE to UK manufacture and packing

We’ve seen an increase in enquiries recently as brands and retailers hit issues with sourcing their regular products and services through their usual Far East (FE) suppliers. Extended lead times and price increases mean that companies are looking closer to home for alternative options to FE sourced items, and for help to co-pack their products here in the UK.

Because we design and manufacture in-house at our Nottingham site, we’re able to deliver alternative options very quickly – using our extensive expertise and experience in retail to create the right solution. Once we understand your requirements, including the functionality and features you need, our designers can devise a manufacturable alternative in just a few days.

Here are just a couple of the solutions we’ve delivered…

Our die-cut Wire Cage Hanger (in recyclable PET)

We recently created this Wire Cage Hanger for a company who was unable to source injection moulded wire cage hangers from their FE supplier. With our specialist design and manufacturing know-how, we were able to develop a die-cut alternative using our stock material to ensure a consistent supply. As well as a vastly reduced lead time (we can manufacture this within 3-5 working days including new tooling), our solution also has a lower unit price than the original injection moulded FE version.


Similarly, we devised this Euro Hanger for another company after their usual FE supplier was unable to deliver because of stock issues. Euro Hangers enable odd-shaped products such as kitchen utensils and pet toys to be attached and displayed and once again, our Nottingham team was able to quickly design a suitable replacement in just a few days.

A simple way to increase sustainability in your supply chain

Our alternative solutions are also helping brands and retailers to use more sustainable materials, such as PET and polypropylene, which are both widely recyclable. Our closed loop recycling programme means our polypropylene waste is returned to the mill and reused to make new materials many times over. One of the key features of polypropylene is its ability to be recycled over and over again, without any significant change to its physical properties.

Need help with packing?

Many companies are also switching their packing to the UK, as increased shipping costs make the FE too expensive for goods packed onto clipstrips at source. As a result, we’ve seen an increase in enquiries for co-packing, and for our semi-automatic ClipStrip Loading Machines.

Lighthouse Clipstrip loading machine

How can we help you?

As the examples above show, our design and manufacturing expertise mean we can deliver solutions fast while helping you benefit from shorter lead times, lower costs and increased sustainability. 

Get in touch and tell us what you need