Wilkinson Sword Totem


Wilkinson Sword were about to embark on a pan-European roll out of the new Quattro Titanium razor. With the roll out covering many countries, and therefore many languages, the complexity of providing a solution to suit everyone was a challenge, so the client asked us for help.


We developed our totem design to incorporate a simple clip-on header, which was a relatively inexpensive solution, allowing the multi-language marketing messages to be included and still be a commercially viable option. The body of the totem was printed with a single graphic variant to provide economies of scale, as the same totem was used across the pan-European launch. As the totems were preassembled and pre-loaded, we also devised a solution to prevent product coming off the peg hooks in transit. A transit strap was designed from the same material and yield as the totem and header providing a neat solution that ensured product stayed in place.


The simplicity of the solution made the pan-European roll out a commercially viable option that worked. The products were supplied to many countries, ready to hang in stores the moment they arrived.

Line drawing of Wlikinson Sword totem

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