Bollard Covers with closed loop recycling

The Challenge:

Our customer contacted us with a requirement for printed bollard covers for Sainsbury’s garage forecourts. Units would need to be suitable for outdoor use and highlight the product range and offer to the busy passing consumers.

Two plastic promotional bollard covers

The Solution:

We proposed fluted polypropylene as the most suitable material, meeting the sustainability requirements and also the durability requirements of being located outdoors. Polypropylene’s unique quality also means it can be recycled an infinite number of times, unlike other plastics or card.

For the past 10/15 years we have managed a closed loop recycling programme for our polypropylene waste, where our waste is returned to the mill to be re-used to manufacture and produce more raw materials.

At the end of this campaign the bollard covers will be returned to Lighthouse so we can ensure they enter our closed loop recycling programme with the rest of our PP. This is one of three projects across three customers where we are taking the stock back to recycle in our closed loop process. We hope there will be many more to follow!

The straightforward assembly instructions are printed on the units themselves to help avoid additional pieces of paper and ensure assembly is quick and easy. Once assembled the instructions are hidden by the overlap. The design uses integral tabs to assemble the unit, thereby avoiding contamination of the polypropylene with tape.

The Results:

The final units look incredibly impactful and were very well received by the customer and retailer alike.

Thank you for all your hard work in delivering what has been a very successful Sainsburys roll out

— Head of Sales, Brand Owner

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